The streamed media ``revolution``

Online streaming is the preferred method for viewing shows, movies, sports, and events, as well as listening to music. National and international streaming services operate in almost every country.

More money, faster - to copyright owners...

  • Online access

    We live in a time of cheap and easy online access to all creative material and therefore, unprecedented demand for music, books, videos, photos, journalism etc. Emerging creators now benefit from inexpensive routes to market and a vast global audience via established online distribution platforms. Also, alongside these, are dedicated services for audience development, marketing, monetization and many other good commercial tools.

  • Creators

    This has been an excellent evolution of commercial and cultural activity for creators and consumers alike. However, the speed and scale of this revolution have meant that opportunities for most creators to earn a living are at best unlikely and at worst, an illusion. None of the established copyright societies is able to cope with the sheer size of the problem.

  • More Money Faster

    We believe that by using our unique Copyright ecosystem we can develop a regulated and transparent registration process for copyright owners and their works This will enable our management system to identify and reward the owners of online rights with maximum efficiency.
    Thus fulfilling our mantra “More Money Faster” to copyright owners.
    Definitive registration of all copyright works under management, their creators, owners and shares.
    All royalties paid directly to copyright owners without intermediaries
    Efficient implementation of the EU copyright directive articles 15,17 and 19..

NIM's licensing services

New Internet Media supports user-centric licensing through our nano-payment service. The service-centric licensing model is also supported for backwards compatibility.

Two main user-centric licensing payments:

  1. With each play, royalties are paid in (almost) realtime with our famous 1click=1license=1payment
  2. For each play, the Copyright owner(s) is recorded for royalty payment at the end of the hour, day, week or month according to licensing agreement(s).


Please check out the demo

NB! The demo are fully functional. However, we are constantly updating so they can be in different phases of licensing integration.

The streamed music demo is a Spotify clone, with genre from (Spotify’s 4000 genres is too complicated). The streaming of music itself is done through YouTube (only public APIs are used). User-centric payments are demonstrated with faucets on test-net. Please use this demo as much as possible as we also are using AI to collect as many YouTube and Spotify IDs to ease the integration.